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How US Recession affect Indian Economy? (Yahoo Answers)

Posted by hidayathfund on October 28, 2008

Every economy will feel the effect of the US recession as it gets stronger. India will loose some jobs in the technology sector for programmersand such but will see an increase in back office workers and phone centers as US companies try to cut costs more and ship these jobs to India. legal aids will be required to prepare breafs for bankruptcy courts and defaulted credit card, home and auto loans. It is just starting and the ride from the top will be long. India will also see an increase in medical research centers and boitech medicine developement research. over all the out look for India in the next ten years is good if they can start focusing on infastructure like airports and highways. There new automobile will take the rest of the world by storm. but catch on slow here in the USA. need to develope a minivan type for around $4000 will be a hit in all the developing countries especially China.

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