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Business Ideas

Posted by cvbasheer on March 29, 2010

The following ideas were brainstormed by fourteen high school students in a 90 minute period on July 20, 2003.

1. underwater restaurant
2. spa franchise
3. foldable hammock for car trunks
4. high quality light fixtures
5. health bar chain
6. comfy, damage-free ear phones
7. chair with popcorn holder, tray, built-in radio, massager
8. self-cleaning microwave
9. security software to protect against hackers and credit card scams
10. wholesale store without membership card

11. aerobic center for teenagers
12. chair store w/ imported European chocolate
13. restaurants for dogs and cats
14. oxygen tanks so dogs and cats can go diving
15. computer animation company
16. real estate company
17. cosmetics/hair care company
18. bowling alley in Cartagena, Columbia
19. Store that makes custom clothes
20. electronic translator that you put in your ear
21. fashion design company for new designers that need a start
22. iron rod production
23. selling traditional jewelry
24. brail screen that reads computer and translates the text on a computer into 3D brail that the blind could read
25. lumber company
26. Make a ski board rotating wardrobe at ski resorts
27. flavored straws
28. A grocery store that also had a fitness center
29. a diagonal load dishwasher
30. sushi restaurant
31. Candyland theme park chain
32. web design/advertising company
33. per month CD online company
34. educational software for the visually impaired
35. bringing broadband internet access into developing countries
36. Sonar for blind people
37. voice/data equipment for hospitals
38. drink machine that talks to you.
39. a teddy bear with sensors and small computer inside that would talk to infants/toddlers and encourage good behavior or tell them a bed-time story
40. an online store where you could customize clothing and then have it shipped to you
41. an educational software company that made console games for kids that were actually fun to play.


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