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Dear friends Effective Parenting: An orientation session by PSMOC Alumni UAE Chapter on 25 February Friday at Dubai

Posted by cvbasheer on February 9, 2011

Child rearing is no more a child’s play. Parenting was considered to be an art but it has become a science too. The rubric of joint family model is being replaced by the detached family style that lost the age old link of transmitting the values and ethics in life, leaving the nuclear family in an unchartered territory.

In no uncertain term it is being proved that the childhood days plays a key role in shaping or reshaping the future of a child. Many parents are away from their parents and drowned in the blink blink life style which force them to follow the whims and fancies without any rhyme or reason. Though many parents wanted to have the tested and trusted model to replicate while raising their kids, the same are not available in nearby corner store.

Hence, PSMOC Alumni UAE chapter scheduled a session where in experts will share the benchmarks to be engaged while raising the kids

The target audience will be the parents and the children of above 10 years age. However, there would be a corner space available to engage and entertain those kids who cannot be in the session venue

Due to the limited space availability we require your prior registration and you can route your confirmation to Mr. Abdul Jaleel with the following information

Name of the father & mother
Children’s name with age
Number of accompanying children below the age of 10
Your phone number and email

The following are the details of the event

Venue:Al Mihad Institute ,Old labor office building, Al Itthiahd Road(Dubai-Sharjah motor way),Opposite to Police HQ, Dubai

Time: At 2.30pm to 6.30 pm
Date: 25 February, Friday

Let us hope to meet and listen what the experts are going to deliver us

Thanks & regards

On Behalf of PSMOC alumni UAE Chapter

PSMO College Alumni UAE Chapter


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