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Posted by cvbasheer on July 17, 2011

Dear Sir/Madam,

Yes India a career empowerment movement initiated by students works for students and within students to come very close to them and to identify the basic needs and problems faced by them. It consists of many projects where our organisation focuses on school students as well as on college students. We provide training and coaching programmes for the students to enter in Central Universities. We also provide coaching for NET/JRF aspirants.

As part of our new venture we have decided to focus the attention of school students towards Civil Service on the basis of their interest. We all know that Civil service is the one area where an aspirant needs to show his mettle both instinctively and explicitly. Preparing for civil services needs a thorough understanding of the prevailing trend.

The entry test-[Civil Service Aptitude Test]-become more competitive and evaluate ones inherent talents, which cannot be built overnight. It needs a systematic effort, preferably beginning from the high school classes. Cultivating a habit of working towards the goal right from the early years holds the key to realisation of the dream. UPSC searches for best talent with comprehensive and better understanding. Keeping this vision in mind we conduct a five days residential workshop for expatriate students, with comprehensive training module to explore and fine tune the young calibre. The workshop is scheduled on 20th to 24th of July at MS Swaminathan research centre,Kalpetta, Wayanad. The entry is restricted for 40 students. First come will be served first. As a follow up there will be one year online course to the participants. We promise that it will be an incredible heightening in their life.

project director
Yesindia Civil Service Focus





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